Nogent-sur-Seine and around

Cultural heritage

Nineteenth century atmosphere

Walk around the streets of Nogent, the gateway to the Aube department and the Champagne region. Discover the charm of the river Seine’s and « Olive Island ». Admire the St. Laurent Tower (43m) and the old half-timbered houses that where a lot of such famous people lived, as Henri IV, Louis XIV, Napoléon 1st in 1814, and more recently, Flaubert and Claudel. Thanks to Paul Dubois and Alfred Boucher the local museum was created with their wonderful works.


Natural heritage

La Bassée, gem of the Seine valley

The Monteuil, living laboratory of the Bassée. From there, there is not far to go (on foot,by bike or by car) on the shores of the lake of Monteuil, a totally transformed, as the «  Olive island » to become a living wetland laboratory of Bassée. This former quarry strikes and its surroundings have been gradually acquired by the city of Nogent in recent years.


Everyday life

Top-quality equipements

With its numerous shops, craft and manufacturing industries and its river traffic, Nogent-sur-Seine is a dynamic town with a promising future, offering an undisputed quality of life. The annual trade fair of St-Simon, at the end of october, born of the Champagne fairs of the Middle Ages, as well as funfairs and many events punctuate Nogent’s life throughout the year. The traditionnal market takes place every Sunday mornings on the Place de la Halle. Food is very present in Nogent thanks to quality establishments.

Economic dynamism

Handcraft, commerce and industry

Chief town and subprefecture of the Aube department, Nogent-sur-Seine is situated on the borders between the Brie and Champagne regions, 100 km southeast of Paris and 55 km from Troyes. It covers an area of 2,007 hectares (about 5,000 acres) and has a population of 5,600 inhabitants. Its river port, the second cereal port of France and its Nuclear Centre Electricity welcome many visitors each year.